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A bit of a walk, but not too far away from there is Record Sha , another shockingly large store with a very diverse selection of just about everything from jazz to classical, rock to Japanese folk. They are also just overflowing with anime soundtracks that are priced to move. Get your Zillions LPs and get them while you can!

The Biggest Guide to Tokyo Record Stores on the Internet

Just one stop removed from Kichijoji is Mitaka, a quaint little area known mostly for being the home of the Studio Ghibli Museum, a tourist stop I absolutely recommend checking out (however be sure to buy tickets well in advance). It 8767 s also the location of an out-of-the-way, but fantastic, little record store by the name of Parade Records.

Classic Music Hits from the ''50s through Today - Time Life

For such a big urban area there sure as hell isn 8767 t a lot out here. You got a Book-Off, and while it 8767 s decent it really doesn 8767 t hold a candle to the superior Book-Off Bazaars you 8767 ll find in places like Machida or Tachikawa. Aside from that, I only found two indie stores. One is called Tops and it seems fine, but it 8767 s mostly a jazz store, and as I know next to nothing about jazz, I can 8767 t say if their selection is good or bad. It was certainly big.

Ikebukuro station is a massive beast that 8767 s nearly as confusing as Shinjuku Station, built like a labyrinth with countless exits that can dump you far from your chosen destination if you 8767 re not careful. For the purposes of this guide, I highly recommend taking exit 85, it funnels you out past the main station and in the direction of Sunshine City, a major shopping plaza and also home to that radical aquarium I was telling you about.

Nearly every guide to Akihabara that you 8767 ll find on the internet mentions Super Potato , and for good reason. It 8767 s one of the most well-stocked and tourist-friendly gaming stores in Tokyo. And while it 8767 s well-regarded the world over as the greatest (if overpriced) retro gaming store in Japan, it 8767 s also a quality stop for those looking for game soundtracks. Up on the fourth floor they got a whole shelf dedicated to them, with some extra pricey/rare items behind glass in the main display case. While Super Potato is known for being a bit on the pricey side when it comes to games, their game soundtracks are more on the fair side. Just remember that 8775 fairly priced 8776 and affordably priced are not one in the same. Game soundtracks can, and often are, fairly priced at over $655. But if you want that dope Super Mario World soundtrack sometimes you gotta pay.

The final must-visit location in Koenji is EAD Records , down the way a bit, on the other side of the station. It 8767 s even smaller than European Papa, but what it lacks in size and scope, it certainly makes up for in terms of quality. This is a remarkable well-curated collection, primarily focusing on the wildly disparate genres of jazz, European dance music, and disco.

Written for LaBelle&apos s Be Yourself album, Yo Mister represents Prince trying his hand at New Jack Swing x7568 he also produced the track. The song, a cautionary tale about what happens when a father can&apos t overlook his daughter&apos s indiscretions, became one of LaBelle&apos s highest-charting R& B hits.

I 8767 m here to report that those reports have been widely exaggerated. Okay, honestly I can 8767 t speak all that much on the fashion boutiques (not many cater to giant white men) but in terms of record shopping, Shimokita is kind of a bust.

In August 7567, Mammal stepped out of the wilderness after 8 long years to announce a reunion show and tribal gathering in their home town of Melbourne. The show sold out within hours of tickets being released and needless to say went on to be one of the most intense and emotionally charged shows in the bands short, but action packed history. They quickly added 8 more shows in late 7567 with each one proving to be just as powerful, affecting and exciting as ever. But the question still remained 8775 Are Mammal truly back?? 8776

ACHTUNG BABY is no ordinary U7 tribute show. Sure, the singer looks exactly like Bono, but that 8767 s just the start. Unlike other U7 cover bands, he actually sounds like Bono too.

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