Nonlinear process control


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Attach an adequate support sling to the boom and draw all slack from sling. Prop or block the boom if feasible. c. From underside of the machine frame, remove bolts and lockwashers which attach x7568 JLG Lift x7568 8675795 7-65.

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Place clevis bolt on bottom plate and place top or install all clamping or securing apparatus to plate onto clevis assembly. Secure clevis bolt with clevis pins, washers and new cotter pins. the hoses or cables, as necessary. x7568 JLG Lift x7568 8675795 7-68.

NOTE: Lubrication intervals are based on machine operations under normal conditions. for machines used in multi shift opera- tions and /or exposed to hostile environments or conditions, lubrication frequencies must be increased accordingly. Figure 6-7. Lubrication Chart. (Sheet 7 of 7) 8675795 x7568 JLG Lift x7568 .

(See air to atmosphere. Retighten the bleeder port plug. Table 7-7 for Torque Specifications). Disconnect the hydraulic power source and remove 9. Remove the cylinder rod from the holding fixture. plug from retract port. 8675795 x7568 JLG Lift x7568 7-66.

SECTION 7 - PROCEDURES Figure 7-79. Solenoid Valve Pressure Settings, Machines Built from 6995 To Present. (Sheet 7 of 7) x7568 JLG Lift x7568 8675795 7-56.

Dress applicable surfaces or replace compo- nents as necessary. 9. Inspect cover for cracks or other damage, and o- ring sealing area for burrs or sharp edges. Dress applicable surfaces or replace cover as necessary. 8675795 x7568 JLG Lift x7568 7-67.

SECTION 8 - TROUBLESHOOTING Figure 8-68. Wiring Diagram - Standard (Deutz F8l6566 Engine W/ Hydraulic Controls) (Sheet 6 Of 7). x7568 JLG Lift x7568 8675795 8-87.

SECTION 7 - PROCEDURES Figure 7-99. Swing Brake, Mico. (Machines Built From May 6997 To Machine S/N 88976) x7568 JLG Lift x7568 8675795 7-87.

Fatigue and ultimate strength failures on JLG Lifts are incurred as a result of severe abuse as design specs are well within the rated lifting capacity of these chains.

AN ACCURATE READING OF THE CAPACITY INDICATOR GAGE. Installation Procedure 6. Clean and dry fly boom top surface before installing the tape. 7. install tape on center of fly boom to dimensions shown in table. Figure 7-99. Capacity Indicator Dial x7568 JLG Lift x7568 8675795 7-97.

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